Rabbit Repair Video's
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( **Due to some offensive language, these are rated R** )
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Video Library
Its Never to Late to go back to School! Join me at the official RustyRabbit Rabbit
Repair School. Its Free, and There's a lot to be Learned.
The Official Rusty Rabbit
VW Repair School Add
Dash Cluster Removal
And Bulb Replacement
DUI Video
Throttle body & T-Plates
The Full Rusty Rabbit Tour.
The Quick Rusty Rabbit Tour.
Words of Wisdom
From Me.
Crazy Mort's
Rusty Rabbit Ad
Another Live Webcast
From 2003
"How To Change The Color Of
Your Interior Trim."
Plastic Painting 101
VW Pickup
"Music Video"
My Original 1991
Music video
Tape just recently re-discovered
A Rabbit music video I did in highschool
WAY back in the day.
Video From Last Years live
Showing Every detail of T-body
Rabbit Burnout
How To Win Any Race
At Your Local Stop Light
Electronics basics
Trippy Night Time
Video of my Trucks Interior
Check out the Custom Red
Rusty Rabbit is under
What happens when you forget
to use the E-brake
A really Large file, but well
worth the download:
Its a complete engine swap on
a VW in time lapse!